We believe contemporary fashion and sustainability go hand-in-hand. Having an ethos is not about branding or positioning, but a necessity when working in an industry that has a massive impact on the environment and the people.  Being based in Beirut, we continuously strive to find new ways to improve our practices.

Our collections are designed and produced in our atelier with utmost attention to finishing. We find inspiration in traditional garments and ancient craft, and we like to experiment with different hand manipulation techniques. We choose to keep a slower pace, and refuse to adhere to the fast fashion rhythm. By doing so, our aim is to produce timeless collections, with pieces that would age gracefully a woman’s closet. We choose to focus the construction and fit, and carefully pick our fabrics and materials. We also care to benefit our local community , and we do so by procuring our fabrics and supplies from local vendors. Besides, we would also use dead-stock fabrics and re-purpose our fabrics scraps into patchwork to create limited-edition pieces.