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Nadine Mneimneh: The voice of women is rising more and more day by day // Eliktisad

Nadine Mneimneh: The voice of women is rising more and more day by day // Eliktisad | nadine mneimneh

With the support of my family, I learned the importance of seizing opportunities, making decisions, trusting my instinct, and moving forward.” This is what Nadine Mneimneh, the brand foundation, pointed out in an exclusive interview with Al-Iktissad, focused on her professional beginnings, the difficulties she faces, her future projects, and her vision of the reality of Lebanese women in politics and society [Read more]

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Concept mit konzept // Flair DE

Concept mit konzept // Flair DE | nadine mneimneh image 1

With her Store De Ridder Concept: België (Lütticher Straße 6), Ines De Ridder has been fittingly bringing Belgian lifestyle to the Belgian Quarter since the beginning of April. In addition to fashion, jewellery, furniture and home accessories from labels such as Rue Blanche, Just in Case, Essentiel Antwerp or Wouters & Hendrix, you will find here on 70 square meters also very special, namely delicious chocolate specialties and savory mustards. It’s more international in the Incodestco store (Bonner Straße 33). In a gallery atmosphere, owner Steven Dedrick offers tailor-made dresses as well as selected fashion pieces by Bibi K Chemnitz and Nadine Mneimneh, which complement handcrafted shoes, furniture and all kinds of pretty jewellery and accessories.

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Le chocolat vous va si bien // Femme Magazine

Le chocolat vous va si bien // Femme Magazine | nadine mneimneh

Après Paris, Tokyo, Moscou, Beijing, Zurich, Londres ou encore Bruxelles, les amoureux du chocolat ont enfin pu régaler leurs papilles et fondre de plaisir lors du Salon du Chocolat de Beyrouth. Un événement organisé en parallèle avec la quatrième édition du Cooking Festival au Biel, au courant du mois de novembre, et mis en place par Hospitality Services. Cerise sur le gâteau, un défilé de mode sous le thème «The Magic of Chocolate», avec Tony Ward et Charles Azar comme invités d’honneur, a regroupé un panel de créateurs de mode et des chefs pâtissiers talentueux, qui ont rassemblé leurs idées et leurs efforts pour créer, fignoler et donner forme à plus de 10 magnifiques robes en chocolat, prêtes à être dévorées avec les yeux.
Trois jours de bonheur pour les connaisseurs, amateurs et professionnels venus proposer ou déguster ce délice sucré sous toutes ses formes, confectionné par les chocolatiers libanais. Un événement délicieux, «100% made in Lebanon».
– Le couturier Missak Hajiavedikian et le chef pâtissier Pierre Abi Hayla du Vendôme Beirut Intercontinental
Robe courte, corset sexy, avec des fleurs chocolatées sur le soutien et de belles roses sur la taille.
– Le couturier Saro Jacques et le chef pâtissier Chady Karam de la Maison Chocolatine par Rana Arayssi
Robe longue à pans, mélange de chocolat blanc et au lait.
– La designer Nadine Mneimneh et le chef pâtissier Damien Deslandes de Moulin d’or
Robe courte, fraîche, avec pastilles chocolatées et jeux de drapés.
– Le designer Rani Itani et le chef pâtissier Hanna Khalil de Le Meilleur Catering
Deux robes qui se défient: la première courte, rose, représentant la fée gentille; la seconde longue, en chocolat noir et au lait, représentant une diablesse.
– La designer Chrystelle Atallah et la chef pâtissière Romy Zakhour de Evasion
Robe avec traîne, confectionnée avec des chocolats variés.
– La designer Timi Hayek et la boutique Chantilly
Robe composée d’une variété de chocolats, avec un plastron orné de mini chocolats.
– La designer Taghrid el-Hage et le chef pâtissier Charbel Darwich de Diva’s
Deux robes glamour avec découpes et saveurs chocolatées.
– Le couturier Joseph Abchee et le chef pâtissier Jean Tannoury du Casino du Liban
Robe longue avec traîne aux mouvements voluptueux.

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Conflict and Couture //

Conflict and Couture // | nadine mneimneh

Being a designer in Lebanon is not easy and it also means constantly renewing one’s inspirations. Nadine Mneimneh concludes with a sense of disappointment: “Sadly the market is invaded by commercial trends and ladies are copying each other. I [would] love to see more experimental looks on the streets, or people expressing their individuality. Social media [is] worsening the phenomena, with hordes of “fashionistas” wearing the same outfits, and posting alike pictures on Facebook and Instagram. Fashion is getting shallower by the day, and style is just fading away.”…

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Lana talks to: Nadine Mneimneh //

Lana talks to: Nadine Mneimneh // | nadine mneimneh

Nadine Mneimneh describes herself as a contemporary Lebanese Fashion designer. I recently came accross her work and had the great pleasure to meet and conduct an interview with her for you all to discover more about her very refined and distinguished work. You will love how different the feel of her designs is.

Lana: Nadine, tell us more about how your started your own line
Nadine: It came as a natural progression in my career. I have been in fashion since 2004, starting with night classes in pattern making while being an AUB business student. After as short course at Istituto Marangoni in Milan, I knew fashion was my true calling. I started with jobs mixing business with fashion, and the more I grew the more I shifted to the creative side. In 2010, I felt the need to fly on my own, so I applied to the starch foundation ( and started my ready-to-wear line.
Lana: How would you best describe your designs?
Nadine: I try to convey modernity, refinement, and effortless femininity. I design garments that are meant to bypass trends and empower women. I’ve been creating and sewing all the collections by myself using high quality materials. This ‘handmade’ qualification makes it even more enjoyable to the wearer, who, most of the time, is not comfortable with wearing something produced in mass quantity and in suspicious conditions. More and more young designers choose to engage in this “slow – fashion” path, which is creating while practicing consciousness.

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