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Hardly able to leave my black clothes, here I am wearing the Wrap Dress, the Rosa Maria Jewellery diamond/sapphire “occhio” necklace, and the Johnny Farah “sierra leone” bag

So, ⁣

With a vibrant ecosystem that blossomed long before the ones of the gulf region, how distasteful is it to use such titles…
What about the seniors, the pioneers of the Lebanese fashion and jewelry scene? The concept stores? The small haberdasheries? The artisans? The factories? Not enough glamorous? They don’t deserve to be on that list? Is it really a proper time for shallow fashion rankings?

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Our Friendship has no frontiers, let’s help Beirut

UPDATE: 2390 Euros have been raised, of which 2290 Euros have been transferred to Beit EL Baraka.

Nicole is my oldest friend. We’ve met in the garden of our building in France over 30 years ago, and we’ve remained friends ever since.⁣
She was my muse when I debuted my brand, and she’s the one that modeled for my first collection photoshoot. ⁣
⁣A beautiful person in every sense of the word.⁣
Thanks to her uplifting spirit and motivation, we have setup a crowdfunding page to raise funds for the the victims of the Beirut Blast.⁣
⁣All donations will be given to @beitelbaraka , an NGO that is setting up a home rehabilitation program to repair as many affected homes as possible, along with providing food and medicine. ⁣

No amount is too small <3

Crowdfunding for the people of Beirut: Our Friendship has no frontiers, let’s help Beirut
We are Nicole and Nadine, we met over 30 years ago in the garden of our building block in the Paris suburbs.
My Irish mum had married a French man and Nadine’s parents had fled the war in Lebanon.
We became great friends immediately and remained close ever since.
Nadine and her family are back living in Beirut, and when I heard about the blasts on August 4th, I  needed to know straight away that she was safe. 
As a human being, as a friend, I cannot just be watching from Paris and not do anything…
Which is why we’ve jointly decided to set up this crowdfunding page.  
All your donations will be sent to Beit El Baraka, an NGO that aims to set up an emergency home rehabilitation program and repair as many homes as possible in the devastated areas around the Beirut harbour, and also to provide food and medicine. Beit El Baraka’s founder, Maya Ibrahimchah, was among the NGOs representatives to have met with President Macron during his last visit to Lebanon on August 6th.  
We thank you all for reading us, spreading the word and helping Beirut in any way possible. 
From the bottom of our hearts and our friendship we thank you in advance for the help you will bring to rebuild Beirut.
Nadine and Nicole.

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Pray for Lebanon – Beirut blast

Walking inside ABC mall towards my corner, and seeing the shops shattered to pieces, I couldn’t, and still cannot process how it must have been for the shoppers, innocently strolling and enjoying a day of free-movement before another corona-lockdown. Just like the people driving nearby the port on their way back home from work, or the people enjoying their drinks outside in Mar Mikhael, and so on …I was at home when it happened, which is only 3km away from the explosion site. I feel extremely lucky to have pulled through in one piece, with only shattered windows in the house. 

The Beirut blast has caused severe destruction to ABC mall. I’m now left with only my online store to continue selling, and this for an undetermined period.
However I do feel very lucky to be able to work from home, designing – cutting – sewing garments,  and I want to believe that I will be able to sustain my brand for which I have dedicated 10 years of my life so far.

The country has been in turmoil since October 2019, going through an economic and financial crisis, followed by the coronavirus. And now this tragedy….destroying lives, families, businesses, everybody and everything. 
As a wish to contribute to the organizations working on the ground, I have decided to donate 25$ to the Lebanese Red Cross Emergency Fund  from every purchase made via my online shop, whether it’s a garment or a gift card , and this amount can be topped off at the checkout page if you wish to add more money to the 25$.

For transparency sake, every time you make a purchase, I’ll issue the online donation in your name and you’ll receive the donation receipt from the Lebanese Red Cross to your email inbox. 

May justice prevail,

 UPDATE: This campaign is now disabled