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Post Beirut-Blast: some press support for Lebanese designers

wrap dress wrap-nadine mneimneh

With a vibrant ecosystem that blossomed long before the ones of the Gulf region, let’s see how some showed support for Lebanese designers

Hardly able to leave my black clothes since the tragic explosion that destroyed Beirut on August 4th, here I am wearing the Wrap Dress, the Rosa Maria Jewellery diamond/sapphire “occhio” necklace, and the Johnny Farah “sierra leone” bag

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Fundraiser for Lebanon: let’s help Beirut

Fundraiser for Lebanon | Beirut Blast relief

A fundraiser for Lebanon: Our Friendship has no frontiers

UPDATE: 2390 Euros have been raised, of which 2290 Euros have been transferred to Beit EL Baraka.

Nicole is my oldest friend. We’ve met in the garden of our building in France over 30 years ago, and we’ve remained friends ever since.⁣
She was my muse when I debuted my brand, and she’s the one that modeled for my first collection photoshoot. ⁣
⁣A beautiful person in every sense of the word.⁣
Thanks to her uplifting spirit and motivation, we have setup a crowdfunding page to raise funds for the the victims of the Beirut Blast.⁣
⁣All donations will be given to @beitelbaraka , an NGO that is setting up a home rehabilitation program to repair as many affected homes as possible, along with providing food and medicine.

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Let’s pray for Lebanon – August 4th massive explosion

Pray for Lebanon

August 4th, a massive explosion happened in Beirut killing and injuring hundreds of people and leaving thousands homeless…

Let’s pray for Lebanon

Walking inside ABC mall towards my corner, and seeing the shops shattered to pieces, I couldn’t, and still cannot process how it must have been for the shoppers, innocently strolling and enjoying a day of free-movement before another corona-lockdown. Just like the people driving nearby the port on their way back home from work, or the people enjoying their drinks outside in Mar Mikhael, and so on …I was at home when it happened, which is only 3km away from the explosion site. I feel extremely lucky to have pulled through in one piece, with only shattered windows in the house. 

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Exclusive: Book your styling session with Nadine

Book your styling session with Nadine

Browsing through old pics and realizing that it’ll be a long time before I can travel again and take part in international popups made me kinda sad #gocoronago
This video was taken in 2018 in Dubai ⁣ by the lively stylist Mayssa Assaf at a popup organized by Nadine Kabbara

And because I want to sustain the joy I get from spontaneous client chats, I have setup the possibility to book for a one-to-one styling or a virtual styling session via Zoom – for anybody who wishes to get to know more about the collection and receive my styling advice.

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Create your facemask

create your facemask

Learn how to create your facemask with a video tutorial

As a humble contribution in these difficult times, I have prepared a small video tutorial showing how to hand-sew a face mask. The same steps can be done with a sewing machine if available !
It is strongly advised to follow WHO recommendations to avoid getting contaminated or transmitting the coronavirus. Continue reading Create your facemask

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The Lebanese crisis and social media marketing

Thawra 2019 | The Lebanese crisis and social media marketing

The Lebanese crisis and social media marketing: resuming “business as usual” in the context of a revolution?

There is a question that is being raised quite recurrently  these days: is it somehow OK to resume posting on social media about our brand / our work / our store while we ?

The first weeks of the #thawra were prone to a general silence, with brands muting their communication or solely posting about the thawra as a collective wish to hold its momentum.

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Ballpen sketching

Ballpen sketching | nadine mneimneh

I’ve never been keen on drawing or illustrating. During my time in fashion school, I would get very lazy at detailing the hands, the nose, the hair, or eye makeup of my figurine sketches. I couldn’t wait to go to the cutting table, lay that thin paper and start drafting the pattern. 

During a job interview soon after graduation, I was asked by the designer’s assistant how much I could sell a dress for to a client, based on a sketch only. I remember looking at my portfolio and looking back again at the sketch he had presented me, with glitter spread all over the drawn dress, mimicking the sequins and Swarovski stones embellishments, and thinking to myself how difficult it would be for me to find a fashion house in Lebanon to fit in and gain experience from . 

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